What is Appjobs.com

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Appjobs.com is a platform to provide job seekers with jobs from companies such as Rover, TaskRabbit, Foodora, Postmates, and many more. Their goal is to give you reviews and descriptions of these instant-work-apps to help you make quick money doing what you love! You will be able to decide on the jobs that you like the most and that are compatible with your needs and talents. Appjobs platform is ideal for anyone interested in finding employment without having to deal with applications and Resumes. As a user, you will get access to numerous opportunities in your city with some clicks. They will provide you with all information on requirements and how to get started for each and every job, as well as anything else you need to know before you begin turning time in to start on your own terms.

  • Can I Trust Appjobs.com?

Yes, 100% it’s a genuine company. Joining the Process is very simple and requires you’re Email ID only. You don’t even need a website to promote Appjobs.com, you can use social media platforms like Facebook LinkedIn Instagram and even email marketing as well.

  • How Appjobs.com Work?

Sign up for the program get your Affiliate Link Market for the Appjobs.com with your link and Earn Money. After Registering with your email id, your dashboard looks like as shown in below image

  • What is Appjobs Commission Plan?

When you redirect any User to AppJobs.com using your Affiliate Link and who then sign up with any of Appjobs commercial partners, the affiliate partner that means you receives a compensation of 40% of Appjobs revenue. Isn’t that great?

  • Who can join Appjob Affiliate Program?

Anyone who has access to the internet with Mobile or Laptop/computer. Appjobs Affiliate Program is somewhat the same as TopTal Affiliate Program and Fiverr Affiliate Program.

  • How They Pay me Money?

Payment is issued monthly and is made in US dollars. The payment is transferred to the bank account provided by the Affiliate Marketer. However, please note that there is currently a threshold of $100 minimum payout and they don’t support regular cheques for the moment.


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