Website Design course in Mumbai

Digital Marketing Pixel Institute teaches you, how to design and develop a website in a very easy and simple method. Digital Marketing Pixel is considered to be the best trainers for website design and development in Mumbai. platform used is WordPress, for learning web development. Learn how to make a fully functional website in WordPress and start your own business with the help of that website. Website design is one of our Modules that is being taught in our Digital Marketing course.

Website design and development are made easy with the Digital Marketing Pixel training institute, which uses modern methodologies and techniques to teach website building in Mumbai. therefore digital marketing pixel is the best institute to teach website design and development in Mumbai.

In this Module, you will Learn Website and Web page, Different website Platforms, What is a web page? Types of Website, Difference between Blog and Service, Webpage, Introduction to Word Press, Difference between themes and plugins, Posts & Pages, Category & Tags, WordPress, Customization, What is word press? How to change the theme in Word press? How to use the plugin? Basics of HTML and CSS, Website Creation, How to install Word press? How to upload Demo content? How to install free and premium plugins? Difference between Free themes and premium themes, Create Posts and Pages, and many more. therefore Digital Marketing Pixel training institute is considered the best website training institute in Mumbai.

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