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What is Shaw academy?

Shaw Academy is a privately owned online education organization based in Ireland. Shaw Academy is founded in the year 2013, Shaw Academy provides best online courses which are audio/video recorded and deliver them to students through convenient timings. In Shaw Academy, there are 100 + courses with more than 3 thousand hours of content from 8 Years of teaching experience with 12 Million students around the world. Some of the Milestones Achieved by Shaw Academy are as follows, as they deliver great education, accessibly and affordably, to everyone.

In year 2012:

1 course offered and 700+ students enrolled

In year 2015:

Refinement of the technology & processes of synchronous education. Perfected cost-efficient user acquisition strategy at scale – the PRM.

10 new courses offered and 22,000+ students enrolled

In year 2016:

Shaw Academy launched its proprietary classroom-based learning platform, Phoenix, which enabled the company to pursue its goal of higher education at a lower cost as can be seen from the growth in student numbers that year. Phoenix allows for personalized teaching at unlimited scale, robust engagement features, and extensive analytics and data science tools. Shaw Academy also moves fully to 1, 3, 6, and 12-month payment plans for its learners.

16 new courses offered and 100,000+ students enrolled

In year 2019:

Shaw Academy secured over €9,000,000 in investment to scale the platform post-restructuring the business. This investment allowed for refinement of existing courses, launching new courses & the ability to offer higher education at lower costs to more students than ever before worldwide.

50 courses offered and 153,000+ students enrolled

In year 2020:

Shaw Academy is currently focussed on a growth strategy of promoting it’s the pre-existing courses into already established markets and adding new courses into those same markets. The best is yet to come, it is planned and it is happening.

100+ courses offered and 520,000+students enrolled | 2.1m is a work in progress

Popular Courses

Digital marketing


Social media marketing


Personal beauty



Financial trading investment

Graphic design



Business and many more

Who can buy courses?

 Hobbyists, professionals, entrepreneurs, and anyone want to learn and boost a career.

How it works? Perfectly for you.

Stage1 Pick a Course Start a Shaw Academy course of your choice for free.

Stage2 Attend online classes you’ll have 2 interactive classes/week at your preferred time.

Stage3 Apply your skills

Stage4 Play Quizzes & complete weekly assignments.

Stage5 Get your certificate

Show your growth and level up your career.

Monthly Plan

Beginners & advanced learners

At just ₹600 / month post trial

Reviews for Shaw Academy

As per the Reviews Given by 35,000 people

72% voted for Excellent

10% voted for Great

2% voted for Average

1% voted for Poor

15% voted for Bad As 72% majority of people reviewed Excellent for Shaw Academy. We suggest you take a glance at the courses offered by Shaw Academy and opt for one of your interests. This online platform is similar to Udemy. Read my article about Fiverr Program and Toptal Also

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