Digital Twin Technology or Time Machine?

What is Digital Twin?

What is Digital Twin Technology?

The digital twin is the digital or virtual copies of physical Entities or devices that data scientists and IT industries use to run simulations before actual devices are built and deployed to work. Digital Twin Technology is changing how technologies such as IoT (Internet of things), AI (Artificial Intelligence), and analytics are being optimized.

A digital twin is simply a digital representation of a physical object or it can be a system which is made with the help of IoT sensors which gathered data or input from real-world and run a real-time simulation on it with the help of advanced machines to create a digital replica called as “Digital Twin”. The technology behind digital twins nowadays has expanded and it includes large items such as buildings, factories, and even cities, and some have said people and processes can have digital twins also, expanding the concept even further

In 2017 after Gartner named digital twins and said “billions of things will be represented by digital twins, a dynamic software model of a physical thing or system”. A year later in 2018, Gartner said “with an estimated 21 billion connected sensors and endpoints by the year 2020, digital twins will exist for billions of things in the near future.”

In short, a digital twin is simply a computer program that takes real-world data about a physical object or system as the inputs and produces as outputs predictions or simulations of how that physical object or system will be affected by those inputs.

This Technology is based on Data Science and Heavy Mathematical Calculations with the various Inputs which then creates with help of simulation in real-time an incredible output which shows the future of the object in digital form. This will help in predicting the various aspects like behavior, cost, performance, etc. of an object much before it is created. The output that is created is known as “Digital Twin”.

The Digital Twin Technology is going to be a life savior in various Fields like Manufacturing as this technology will indicate performance, cost, defects, and many important factors to the manufacturers much before manufacturing begins resulting in decreasing the cost of manufacturing and improved results. Digital Twin Technology will also help in the health care sector. This technology is already in use but as the reports tell us Digital twins technology will be fully implemented with the 6G technology and maybe at the start of 2021.

The Future Technology

With the help of machine learning, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and data-science capabilities the Digital Twin technology is becoming the future of all present technologies.

Many Companies use Digital Twin to improve their operations and to eliminate the flaws in the existing products. Digital Twin Technology was introduced in the year 2002. NASA uses this technology for space exploration purposes and to explore next-generation vehicles and aircraft. The Digital Twin Technology was also used in rescuing the Apollo 13 mission.


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