6-G Technology

6G innovation by Samsung | White Paper | Hyper associated | High-Fidelity Mobile Hologram |Mobile correspondence frameworks have developed over various ages from 2G to 5G roughly like clockwork. Every age has made a major stride and presented new advances. The time spent characterizing the vision and creating specialized norms for each progressive age has […]

Digital Twin Technology or Time Machine?

What is Digital Twin? What is Digital Twin Technology? The digital twin is the digital or virtual copies of physical Entities or devices that data scientists and IT industries use to run simulations before actual devices are built and deployed to work. Digital Twin Technology is changing how technologies such as IoT (Internet of things), […]

Shaw Academy | Shaw Academy Reviews| Shaw Academy Courses

What is Shaw academy? Shaw Academy is a privately owned online education organization based in Ireland. Shaw Academy is founded in the year 2013, Shaw Academy provides best online courses which are audio/video recorded and deliver them to students through convenient timings. In Shaw Academy, there are 100 + courses with more than 3 thousand […]

How to Earn Money from Udemy

Can I earn money from Udemy? Yes, you can earn money from Udemy in 3 methods explained below.¬†Udemy as per Wikipedia says founded in the year May 2010, it is an American online learning platform aimed at professional people as well as students. As of Jan 2020, it has enrolled more than 50 million students […]